Monday, April 28, 2014

Toyota Camry Xli

I have an ambivalent attitude towards the Camry: admiration and bewilderment that coexist side by side.
First of all, I expect a car of this class to have high-quality interior trimmings and lots of useful options.
Let's start with the minimal configuration R1. It's nice that in this configuration we are already offered light-alloy wheels, body color mud flaps, fog lights, an immobilizer and an anti-theft alarm system. Headlamp washers are only available for extra pay.

Inside: the designers obviously overdone with multicolourness. The light yellow frames neighbor upon a silvery color and a blue panel of the stereo system. In short, welcome to the avant-garde! Even worse is the management of the heated seats, which only appears in the configuration R1-on a horizontal light yellow plate there are two black plastic buttons. And those are BUTTONS, but not stepless controllers, which are available even in lower-class cars. And again a strange solution-the heated seats can only be enabled or disabled without adjusting the level of heat. However, I liked the leather steering wheel, which, for instance, for the new Passat is an additional option. As a rule for Toyota, the steering wheel is equipped with buttons that allow you to manage the climate control, stereo system and the computer. By the way, the climate control is equipped with air ionizer and can be adjusted individually (Separate Driver/Front and Back Passenger Climate Controls). There are lots of compartments for various sundries which are neatly covered and easily accessible. As for the inside, it’s really huge-particularly nice to sit in the back.
Stereo system: the mp3 player with 6-CD-changer is pretty good. Unfortunately, the sound quality is worse than that of the Avensis. It might be because that the Avensis has two additional speakers.
Electronics: it looks like there is everything you need, but again, I stumbled upon a strange thing-the windscreen wiper has no heating. This option is very useful in our region- it’s available even on the cheapest Avensis. I was more surprised to find out that the configuration R1 was not equipped with electronic stability control, which, I think, is a necessity for such a big and heavy vehicle. But there is a certain logic: such cars are not for a fast, but for comfortable and relaxed drive.
To be continued…

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