Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Test Drive of the "TT" (Part 2)

The main purpose of creating this Audi, as it seems to me, was the idea of producing a sport car, which would be capable of going in town not just well but perfectly; at the same time, the car should have all the characteristics of a civilian sedan.
Now, let's check it out!

The 200 HP, which produces the 2-liter inline-four turbo engine and 6-speed S tronic gearbox, proved to be enough to take your breath away. The coupe accelerates confidently and vigorously, thanks to the vivid engine, which easily reaches its maximal revolutions.
I'd like to mention that the car demonstrated such dynamics when the gear knob was on "D"!  By the way, there is also "S" (Sport Drive or maybe Super Sport?) on the gear selector.

I guess the analogy with a bullet comes to reality.

Initially, I checked the dynamics of acceleration on a relatively small area of the testing track.
After a few laps I can testify, without exaggeration, that TT has excellent maneuverability and acceleration. Then I decided to test out the car on a real racing track. For those who’re not aware, I’d like to inform that in Yerevan we also have a real circular racing track with a length of 4 kilometers.
In spite of the fact that the construction is not completed in full, it’s still possible to make a few fast laps, since the track is fully asphalted; the official opening is planned for early next year.

On the way to the racing track I had to drive through our streets of notorious quality, which was a nice opportunity to evaluate the travelling comfort and smoothness of the car. And as it turned out, the car was surprisingly comfortable for a coupe: moderately stiff and without irritating with detailed information on bumps and other road irregularities at medium speeds.
There were of course some minor flaws.
At relatively low speeds (30-40 km/h) the car conveys in detail all the “delight” of our roads to its passengers. I wouldn’t say that this is too critical, but the comfort and smoothness of a business sedan are only evanescent thoughts in this case. When accelerating the car to 100 km/h, the suspension seems to be getting kind of more “self-disciplined” without allowing the car to come off the given direction, and only rather large bumps make the car shudder. All in all, I have nothing to cavil at. I won’t go into details on my impressions about TT’s behavior on Yerevan-Sevan highway, because on this road I was sitting beside the driver. As a passenger, I was feeling very comfortable in a quiet style of driving, but, as soon as the style got shifted to aggressive, I started to feel seasick. While being a passenger, I happened to notice the rear spoiler activating button located on the front of the panel, which was unseen at first. But if you want to find out its practical effect on driving dynamics of the car, you should refer to the user guide-I simply ran out of time to study it thoroughly. Most likely, at certain speeds, the rear axle changes the angle of the spoiler to increase the downforce.
To be continue...

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