Friday, April 4, 2014

The Humanist and the Successors

In 1983, Svetlana returned to Leningrad as an acknowledged designer.She had received more than 40 awards for her works. She was welcomed to lecture in the faculty of industrial art of the same school, which she graduated as a talanted student 25 years earlier.
Just like everywhere else,Svetlana demonstrated great zeal and devotion to her work when teaching there.Nowdays lots of well-known specialists consider Svetlana Mirzoyan as their teacher.
This gifted Armenian woman  was able to appreciate and support the talent of other people, which is a distinctive feature of great people.
She always inspired her students to live and create following the basics of humanism.,as a result,one of her students designed a special car for the disabled that bore the following, 'This car is to express humanism and kindeness towards disabled people.'
Another student of hers raised the painful subject of homeless people by designing disposable shelters for one-night stand.This idea emerged when he saw a homeless man who was trying to build a shelter from useless boxess on a tree.
And so,he offerd to solve the isssue of the homeless,by considering metal paper as a cheap building material.The demonstration of all those models stirred up great excitement not only among ordinery citizens,but also the media.
It has been many years,and a lot has changed since then; nowdays streets are filled with beautiful and sophisticated vehicles,nevertheless we should remember and realize how difficult it was to create and achieve someting in Stelana Mirzoyan's time.

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