Saturday, April 19, 2014

The S500

This review is addressed to those who earn well and can afford the S-class.
I'll dare to depart from the conventional narrative about a car and share some thoughts and subjective sensations I experienced after two weeks of constant and extensive "communication" with the S500.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that this car is absolutely devoid of any superfluities. Can you imagine?
The only missing thing on the car, I guess, was the system of four-wheel drive. ( There are ,of course, models equipped with four-wheel drive,but not the one I was testing)
Everything else in the S-class satisfied me completely. 
The S-class is designed for those who work a lot. Only unconversant people are in the belief that the owners of luxury sedans are the rich idlers who love to splurge money.
I must confess,life has forced me to learn that real capital can be established only through hard work.
So,if someone thinks that a four-mode massage in a multicontour seat with automatically changeable degree of lateral support or an excellent sound system is a superfluity,then,I beg your pardon, this "someone" has never worked hard.
Such facilities mustn't be considered as superfluities,but, moreover, they must be considered as necessities.  And it's not just about self-respect,but practical terms: you simply must allow yourself  to relax, feel comfortable and safe on the way to work, a business meeting or home; with or without a driver.

It was a cool night. I'm came up to the S500 and no sooner had I touched the handle of the left back door than the car recognized its owner by the key which was in my pocket . I threw my brief case on the back seat and took the driver's seat. I pushed the engine start and the seat heating buttons. The headlights and the sidelights had already been switched on. The climate control system was waiting for the moment to take the first warmth from the mighty engine.
Just a few minutes after the start of the movement, it became warm in the cabin and I kind of relaxed involuntarily. I noticed that my neck was numb, which was a nice opportunity to test how much effective the massage of my seat is. I chose the mode "slow and stiff" and started to feel nice waves rolling up and down from my waist to the shoulders; the exhaustion I had accumulated during the week seemed to be fading away!
Once, I gave a lift to a friend of mine on this car. Being on the back seat, he spoke in delight,' but it is said that the roads in Yerevan are terrible... nothing of the kind!'. Indeed, the hydropneumatic suspension is a technological wonder-even in an active mode of driving, it makes the car docile and steady and irons out all the discomfort you might experience on a bumpy road.
Without feeling how the time flew by (I had been driving for 4 hours!) I reached Tbilisi. Instead  of getting tired , I enjoyed myself during the whole trip and was kind of refreshed.
As I was driving up to the city, I slightly eased up on the accelerator. Perhaps, someone will think that the 5.5 liter engine, which produces 388hp, is far too much-anyway,it can't be used to the full. But damn how it's nice,when you constantly feel this abundance of power under the right foot and when ,at a speed of 100 km/h, the tachometer arrow "calms down" at 1500 rpm.
Well,I finally got to the garage, went out and the car got locked through one finger touch,but it was still willingly illuminating my way to the exit.
There still remains lots of untold things about the S500. I will only mention its service,which is to be given after every 15.000 kilometers .In fact, the costs of service is not so important and can't be calculated beforehand either,because the car is equipped with a special device, which tests all the components and the units and draws up a list of  the required works.
Unofficially, the first servicing costs are about 1000 $-the second one 1500.

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