Sunday, May 24, 2015

KIA Sportage (Part 3)

Now the suspension: it’s not an example of reliability, in spite of the fact that the rear suspension is built on an ordinary continuous steel bar on springs; the front is equipped with double wishbone suspension. The most expensive thing in the front suspension is the upper ball joint, the wear and tear of which leads to a total replacement of the wishbone.

The replacement is needed about every 50.000-80.000 km. However, the hubs, stabilizers and lower balls break down more frequently.
Functionality is inherent to most cars of this brand and is expressed through good packaging, which includes full power accessories (most of the models are equipped with power side-view mirrors, power steering, air conditioning and ventilation system with a micro filter by default). I was very pleased that the steering wheel had a vertical adjustment.

As for safety, the Sportage has airbags for the driver and passengers, as well as side airbags and inflatable curtains. There are also seatbelt pretensioners with load limiters, ABS system with disc brakes on all wheels, an excellent clutch control system and a stability program.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

KIA Sportage (Part 2)

The designers used the latest technology to create the body; it is made of so-called “zincrometal” which has a high corrosion resistance (in this aspect, the Sportage was recognized as one of the best in many countries).
Another plus of this car is the decent ground clearance (210mm).

The distance between the underside and the ground became much further- the underside itself is completely flat, out of which there is nothing coming out, except the rear axle gear and the lower arms of the front suspension. The overall impression is good- with such a design, the car is suitable for all occasions. The long, powerful and impressively large body allows you to take everything needed for an active and modern lifestyle!
The Sportage is equipped with 2.0L engines: petrol engines which produce 95 and 128HP (the latter is a 16-valve engine with 2 camshafts) and a turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 63HP. The front axle of the Sportage can be optionally enabled- the car has no inter-axle differential.

The model I tried, also had an automatically lockable rear axle differential. The 128HP is enough for the car to be titled as an off-roader (as for the 95HP engine, I really doubt it- it’s easier to repair, though). Like any other vehicle, this KIA also has its greatest weakness- the connection sockets of the front axle! They can be manual (in order to lock them, you will have to stop the car and get out of it), automatic (you can enable the front axle without leaving the car, but you will have to stop it anyway) and automatic vacuum (the front axle can be enabled during the drive up to 80km/h).

Saturday, May 2, 2015

KIA Sportage (Part 1)

The cars of the Korean automotive giant are very popular not only in Armenia, but also all over the world because of high quality standard, comfort and very reasonable price in comparison with their EU and US counterparts.

The KIA Sportage is for those who like serious cars designed for long family trips out of town. The reason for this is, first of all, the huge trunk, which can accommodate a large amount of various things that can be useful during a trip. The interior of the car is at the highest level, which guarantees a comfortable ride to the driver and passengers even during very long trips. The high suspension will make you feel confidence not only on smooth asphalt, but also on dirt and forest roads.
This stylish and powerful SUV is simply breathtaking with its striking appearance. The car is certainly nor for women, because they would simply get lost in it. As for men, it will please any of them. Considering the design of the car, I should mention the powerful look of the KIA Sportage, which gives a sense of reliability.

This model is distinguishable for its massive bumper, the vertical protection elements that pass along the edges of the air intake stretching to the radiator grille. Another standout is the stylish dual-lamp headlights with integrated turn signals. The car of the 2004 has got fully updated lighting optics. The front headlight units have modern reflecting diffusers and the glass is replaced with durable polycarbonate.

To be continued…