Tuesday, May 12, 2015

KIA Sportage (Part 2)

The designers used the latest technology to create the body; it is made of so-called “zincrometal” which has a high corrosion resistance (in this aspect, the Sportage was recognized as one of the best in many countries).
Another plus of this car is the decent ground clearance (210mm).

The distance between the underside and the ground became much further- the underside itself is completely flat, out of which there is nothing coming out, except the rear axle gear and the lower arms of the front suspension. The overall impression is good- with such a design, the car is suitable for all occasions. The long, powerful and impressively large body allows you to take everything needed for an active and modern lifestyle!
The Sportage is equipped with 2.0L engines: petrol engines which produce 95 and 128HP (the latter is a 16-valve engine with 2 camshafts) and a turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 63HP. The front axle of the Sportage can be optionally enabled- the car has no inter-axle differential.

The model I tried, also had an automatically lockable rear axle differential. The 128HP is enough for the car to be titled as an off-roader (as for the 95HP engine, I really doubt it- it’s easier to repair, though). Like any other vehicle, this KIA also has its greatest weakness- the connection sockets of the front axle! They can be manual (in order to lock them, you will have to stop the car and get out of it), automatic (you can enable the front axle without leaving the car, but you will have to stop it anyway) and automatic vacuum (the front axle can be enabled during the drive up to 80km/h).