Sunday, May 24, 2015

KIA Sportage (Part 3)

Now the suspension: it’s not an example of reliability, in spite of the fact that the rear suspension is built on an ordinary continuous steel bar on springs; the front is equipped with double wishbone suspension. The most expensive thing in the front suspension is the upper ball joint, the wear and tear of which leads to a total replacement of the wishbone.

The replacement is needed about every 50.000-80.000 km. However, the hubs, stabilizers and lower balls break down more frequently.
Functionality is inherent to most cars of this brand and is expressed through good packaging, which includes full power accessories (most of the models are equipped with power side-view mirrors, power steering, air conditioning and ventilation system with a micro filter by default). I was very pleased that the steering wheel had a vertical adjustment.

As for safety, the Sportage has airbags for the driver and passengers, as well as side airbags and inflatable curtains. There are also seatbelt pretensioners with load limiters, ABS system with disc brakes on all wheels, an excellent clutch control system and a stability program.

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