Friday, April 11, 2014

A Test Drive of the "TT"

The name of this car is short and whipping. It calls up an association with the legendary TT pistol to my mind; and therefor, before meeting it, I subconsciously wanted to see something, which would be light to handle, fast as a bullet and, of course, accurate in the hands of an experienced shooter.
And here is the  strong coupe! Glittering its white metallic in the rays of the spring sun it appeared at our testing track. The car is small in size, but, due to its serious block-front headlights, which are crouched to the ground as if ready to jump and attack, looks like a ferocious predator.
In profile and from behind the car looks peaceful; the sloping roof slightly reminds of VW Beetle. The large 245/45 R17 wheels, which are big for a relatively small car, also gives it a solid look.
After briefly examining the exterior, I got into the car.

The doors of this Audi are frameless, and therefor when you open the door, the front window automatically lowers a little. It is worth mentioning, that thanks to the comfortable shapes of the front seats and the right position of the steering wheel I had no difficulty to get in. You might have noticed that it is not always easy to get into other sport or half sport cars. The seats are equipped with electronic adjustment of all possible positions. Despite my fears, the driver's belt was also easily reachable. The designers who were responsible for the ergonomics of this element have taken into consideration all the peculiarities of the two-door body and the discomfort of belt fastening. In short, it's quite easy to reach for the belt and buckle it up. As for the finishing materials, I think it's not worth going into details. The interior looks so as you'd expect from this manufacturer; everything is of high-Q and put together with true German thoroughness and attention to tiny details.
The inside of the car is trimmed with black fabric,  the same color was present in the covering of the ceiling. Even in the decorations there is a hint of power and aggression!
Unlike the bigger A6 and A8, the front panel of TT is not decorated with wood or aluminium, however, I daren't  say that it's defective and yields in something to its older brothers. Everything here is subordinated to the spirit of rigor and aristocratic restraint, and the main emphasis in the layout is put on the maximal functionality. There are back seats, but only in name apparently. The point is that it is almost impossible for an adult (even one) to take a seat there: there is neither room for feet below nor enough space for a head not to bend it to the chest. Most likely, the back seats can be used  as an additional space for fragile and precious luggage or a personal place for the driver's dog. As an argument in favour of such assumptions, I will cite the fact that you can't quickly recline the front seats by hand, they tilt or move forward only with the help of sluggish electric drives.
The dashboard has chrome-plated rims and is quite informative. There is also a display of  the automatic gearbox. The small TEMP and fuel gauges which I have already seen on (if I'm not mistaken) Ford Kuga, do not allow to easily get information from them. All right, in the last analysis, it is not so important for a car with such an orientation.
To be continue...

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