Friday, April 25, 2014

Hyundai i30 (Part 2)

I was lucky to test the most technically equipped model with the 1.6-liter 122 hp engine and a five-speed manual transmission. As an alternative to the manual, a rather out of date 4-speed automatic transmission is also offered, for which you’ll have to pay about 2000$ extra.
To my surprise, the engine briskly accelerated the car to 120 km/h, after which the rate of the acceleration significantly slowed down. Due to the too much sensitive throttle pedal and the totally non-informative clutch, it is virtually impossible to set the car in motion without skidding. In addition, the “cotton” gear stick is not particularly precise in moves and selectivity. In spite all of this, thanks to the smartly-aggregated transmissive speeds in the gear box, the i30 demonstrated a quite agile temper-the main thing is not to let the tachometer arrow sink below 3000 RPM.
The hatchback obediently follows all the commands of the steering wheel, which has a commendably accurate zero point of calibration and a good sensitivity. I remember being pleasantly surprised by a similar character of the "toddler" Hyundai i20 during a comparative test with VW Polo.
Smooth and comfort were sacrificed for a better manoeuvrability and minimal deflections in turns, in order to satisfy the demands of the Europeans. Even on soft winter tires, you are going to feel all the halls and cracks of the road. Bigger halls will be accompanied by dull beats, so the tires can easily blow out.

The brakes are good-a slight push on the pedal is combined with good efficiency and, in case of wheel locks, the ABS system intervenes correctly, if the car slides sideways.
The price of Hyundai i 30 with 1.4-liter engine and mechanical gearbox is about 13.500 $.
However, the standard model "Classic" has everything you need: 6 airbags, heated seats, air conditioning, ABS, an audio system with steering wheel controls and a package of electronic devices.
The modification "Comfort" is offered with a two-position-adjustable leather steering wheel, two-level heated front seats, rear power windows, climate control, central armrest, cooled glove box, trip computer, rain gauge as well as fog lamps and alloy wheels. This version will cost about 15.500 $. An additional payment of 1000$ will be required for the 1.6-liter engine.
The top model "Style" is only offered with the 1.6-liter engine and is distinguishable for the ESP stabilization system and leather-trimmed Interior. This will cost around 18000$.

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