Monday, April 7, 2014

A Test Drive of a Friend's X5

It‘s always sad to part with good things. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cool computer, smartphone or nice clothes, we instantly get used to them. The same story is with cars: once you’ve had a good car, it is very hard to change it.
I’ve got cleared for myself, why X5 is so much beloved in Armenia. This is not just an expensive toy for rich boys. This is an impressive machine, capable of little exploits.
It is the embodiment of the status of the owner and, if I may say so, a kind of manifesto: the driver of X5 does not agree to half-measures. He needs the utmost: maximum comfort, maximum drive and maximum respect. And the car gives it all.

The first BMW X 5 debuted in 1999, the car was classified as Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV), a machine for people leading an active lifestyle. By today's standards, the car is more suitable under the definition of "crossover", because its concept and equipment is designed for good roads and comfortable driving.
Today, I am going to introduce my friend’s X5 2002, which he bought three months ago.

The model of 2002 has altered forms of frontal bumper, the course of optics and lamps. But, the main thing, which distinguishes the crossover from its previous generation, is hiding in the engine compartment. The car received a new range of power units: a new eight-stage automatic transmission ZF.
The system Efficient Dynamics has led to better balance power characteristics and reduction of fuel consumption for all cars, but most of all, it affected high-powered models such as X5.
The V8 Twin Power Turbo engine is equipped with High Precision Injection system and can produce 407 horsepower. It is worth mentioning that this monstrous engine does not exceed the Euro 5 standard. The robotized mechanism of the transmission  automatically distributes the torque between axles depending on road conditions, by using an electronically controlled clutches.
Additionally, the settings of the levers, shock-absorbers and the springs of the models хDrive50i and хDrive40d have also been changed.
The new control system with Servotronic booster modifies the steering intensity depending on the speed.
Do I need to mention that the comfort is on top? The front seats are equipped with all possible adjustments. The adjustment range of the heated steering wheel is simply unreal; being 2-meter-tall, I pushed the chair back to the full stop, took the wheel as far as it would go, and it almost thrust me in the chest. As for visibility, it’s excellent.
The iDrive multimedia system can help you avoid traffic jams and understands tactile input.
The luggage compartment is transformable; its volume can be increased from 620 to 1750 liters. If you install the third row of seats, X5 can carry up to 7 passengers.

There are also a number of information, entertainment and safety systems (adaptive headlights, automatic switching from driving to passing beam, a park distance control,  a rear view camera, following of road markings, a speed limit indicator,  a side view system).

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