Friday, July 11, 2014

Volkswagen Eos- Modesty is the best policy

The four-seater convertible Volkswagen Eos is a rare guest in our part of the world and it is natural- Volkswagen Eos is neither a sports car nor a luxury sedan, but even in used condition, Eos is still quite expensive. VW Eos is built on the same platform and wheelbase of VW Golf 5 and was first introduced in the autumn of 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The appearance of a coupe-cabriolet in the lineup of Volkswagen was, beyond doubt, long expected.

Volkswagen, of course, had manufactured roofless vehicles earlier, but only with soft tops, the most popular of which were the so-called Golf variations, but the Eos, the first full-fledged coupe-cabriolet, has already eclipsed the fame of its predecessors. Usability, convenience and accessibility- all these are perfectly combined in Eos. The exterior is not deprived of its family traits, namely, the oblong chromed radiator grille and slanting headlights with powerful Bi-xenon lenses.
The folding hard roof named CSC allows this car to combine all the advantages of a coupe and convertible. It consists of five sections which are automatically retracted into the boot.

An important note here is that the boot must be empty- otherwise special electronic delimiters will stop the process of folding. The boot can be considered as roomy- its volume varies from 205 to 380L.
If you want to take of the roof, just press the lever located between the front seats- the process will take 25 seconds.
So, I gunned the car and started to watch. After 120km/h, I got speechless: the soft breeze, sunny weather and smooth running of the Eos left me nothing but to enjoy music produced by the powerful stereo system.
There are two options to struggle against gusts of wind: first- acquire a special partition, which will reduce turbulence, and the second, which is more cardinal- open the huge roof hatch, of which adds zest to the unique CSC roof.
This Eos is equipped with a 2L turbocharged engine and 6-speed manual gear box- as a result, the car speeds up to 100km/h in 7.8 seconds- the maximal speed I could squeeze out of this engine was 230 km/h, which was slower from the official speed data only by 8km/h. In scant seconds, the engine spins up to 7000rpm, so you can send a challenge to many speed lovers, though, outwardly, the car has nothing in common with a sports car- neither is there a violent roar of the exhaust system, which would emphasize the might of the engine- as we know, modesty is the best policy.

The only disadvantage of VW Eos, I think, is the high price. The lowest price of a used Evo in Yerevan varies from $12000 to $15000. Just for instance, a used (2008) Mercedes CLK 350 will cost the same price for you.
However, this is your choice which to pay for.

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