Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For Folks (VW Passat)

Ordinary motorists are probably acquainted with the history of Volkswagen Passat better than with their own.  When mentioning this car in a conversation, you are unlikely to encounter a complete ignoramus- everybody knows what kind of car this is! Most probably, the enquiry of your interlocutor will refer to the generation, body, and of course the engine of the car.

The Passat I got for the test was equipped with the most popular 1.8L TSI turbo engine with a capacity of 160 hp. The Passat TSI is produced (assembled, to be more correct) in Russia, which simplifies its mass availability in Russia and Post-Soviet countries- the “Pureblooded German” would cost more in these areas.
However, the car I tested was the German version (actually, there is no difference between the German and Russian assembly).  So, everything was quite familiar: the recognizable strong silhouette, chubby body line and the alluring headlights with tapered eyelids.
The interior was also decorated in a typical VW style. Front panel- in two floors: the black apron of the dashboard and the airflow deflectors on the top. Below, you will find dials with red arrows in slanting holes. I can’t say this is a top-notch interior (for comparison, the Audi A4, a closest relative of the Passat, is much better in this respect), but it’s quite decent.

I particularly liked the sparkling gear stick with its multiple modes- it can really please the eye. There are plenty of buttons on the steering wheel which are easily read and will never cause confusion- the main thing is that the Passat is smartly created for human convenience, and the longer you spend time with it, the better you perceive it.
But this is not what attracts me most in the Passat. The main highlight of this VW is the 1.8LTSI engine which has come to replace the former 2.0L FSI.
To be continued…