Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Grand Leader of Cherokee Tribes (Part 2)

At low speeds, the transmission performs well running all the commands smoothly and quickly. But, when the engine, at normal revolutions, is sharply revved up , the 4-speed gearbox gets "baffled" and is unable to function properly. This off-road vehicle is equipped with a straight-six engine with fuel injection system, which produces 189HP at 4750RPM. According to official data, the 4L engine speeds up the car from 0 to 100km/h in 10.9 seconds. The car consumes 11.8L/100km with highway drive; the city drive is 22.6L/100km, which is far too much for such an engine. My test showed that Grand Cherokee speeds up 0-100km/h slower and consumes more petrol as compared with the official data. However, this is due in part to some worn out details and, of course, Armenian highland climate.

Now, let's move on to the interior.
The black colors sort of impel you to aggressive driving. Both front and back seats are quite soft and comfortable. The driver's seat has only 4 positions. As for the steering wheel, it can be adjusted only vertically. The dashboard displays plenty of information, which can be read easily. Unlike other US cars, the gear stick of Grand Cherokee is located on the right place for us, between the front seats, under the right hand of the driver. The stereo system is of medium-quality, however the huge buttons provide easy access to it.
I tried to drive the Cherokee on impassable steep paths and I must confess, this car is ideal for such conditions. Without enabling the four-wheel drive, the car easily overcame all the difficulties of mountainous terrain. Luckily for such a test, it started to rain heavily- the solid ground soon turned into deep mud. The car was on back-wheel drive- the back wheels were uselessly digging the mud deeper and deeper, and therefore I had to enable part-time 4WD system, which allowed me to move through that mud like on a normal road.
In general, the Grand Cherokee has an impressive off-road arsenal with its noteworthy Quadra-Drive and Select-Track2 systems.

To summarize: I didn't like the primitive equipment of the interior and bad handling ,particularly, on wavy roads. Excessive fuel consumption is the most disappointing disadvantage of this SUV. As an off-roader, there are no complaints-the car acts like a tank and is ready to destroy most of the famous SUVs.