Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Tame Beast

Style, softness, comfort… this set of automotive terms would not be best applicable to describe this car. What’s inside Jaguar can’t be simply called as comfort: effective ergonomics, low level of vibrations, noise and dust concentration. Contentment and repose- that’s what I felt inside this car. The “junior" Jaguar is one of the biggest Jaguars I’ve tested so far. It sort of keeps itself apart from the hangouts of the “European golden youth” not so much for its “tendency to corpulence”, but for its pride in “humanity”. 

The X-Type is the liveliest Jaguar in the family. Of course, it’s not ideal and there are plenty of minor defects, for instance, the body panels do not always fit perfectly, there are plenty of gaps in the saloon and the hinges of safety belts are not movable enough to be in a line with the strap- the fabric gets chewed. However, let’s not forget, that whereas the majority of cars are mostly designed by powerful robotized machines and computers, this car is a work of man’s hands.

The X-Type is equipped with the least 2-liter petrol engine- it’s a true inline-six, which, in spite of its small volume, roars like a dangerous beast.  Ten minutes is not enough to fully understand what the X-type on the go is- you are sure to be disappointed- as compared with rivals, the suspension of the X-Type is monstrously soft, however, I dealt with a very nicely riding vehicle, which was slightly in the old style. Nowadays, good chassis that function correctly with soft settings can be counted on the fingers, and the X-Type is definitely among that number. It’s so much soft that can lull you into a light doze, but even at high speeds, the swing will never frighten you.

The long delays in performing maneuvers are quite logical. Handling does not set any records either. On the other hand the car is solid and harmonious enough to be felt as a part of your body, so driving it is just like walking in the park.
As for the exterior, you will instantly realize that this is a Jaguar- the car is different from its continental “colleagues” in everything- it’s big, soft and slightly old-fashioned.

In general, Jaguar X-type left a very good impression. It’s like a powerful and fast beast, which needs no training- it’s tame. The car successfully combines its family prestige and sporting nature. Driving this car is a process of relaxation and rest. The car is of course expensive, but Jaguar is worth it.

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