Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The W123 from “Perestroika” (Part 3)

The next registration stage at the national traffic police was in July 1997. This time the car received license plates of modern pattern (65 SL 078), after which the car hit the trail once again. In 2001 the car changed its owner. In fact, it started to “dwell” in the city center, on Baghramyan Avenue. The new owner thoroughly prepared himself for the purchase of this car. It is said that the trade negotiations lasted over a year. The new owner was so much fond of this car that he spent several months trying to persuade the former owner to yield the car to him at any cost.

The new owner used the car quite actively, so he often got into various minor traffic accidents. Over time, the Oglukyans, the family who owned the car, bought another W123 as a donor, in order to keep the old one in original condition. Currently the car is additionally equipped for the usage of compressed natural gas, as well as it has an alarm and central locking system.
The owner plans to make full restoration of the car, which is bound to be next year.