Thursday, September 22, 2016

Determination & Result (Part 1)

Unlike many other cars, this one was incredibly lucky with its owner, particularly when considering the fact that it was acquired in a totally destroyed condition.
Unfortunately, old vehicles eventually lose their original parts, which are replaced with those of taken from various suitable cars. Unluckily, this usually happens, when the car is still used for its primary purpose -- the transportation of passengers and cargo.

 And there comes the moment, when the number of broken parts in the car exceeds that of the others, as a result, the car either ends up in a junkyard, or it is pushed deep in a garage with arguments like “ Of course, I’ll be back... when I get the means for new parts”
Armen Mkhitaryan, the current owner of this Willys, got completely dumbfounded, when he first saw the SUV. Without a frame, chassis, engine and gearbox, interior parts and many other things, this Willys could be identified only by an expert of American SUVs.
To be continued...