Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Determination & Result (Part 3)

According to photos, he also made most of the missing interior parts: the front fenders, hood, bumpers, soft-top and windshield frame, etc.
As a creative individual, Mr. Mkhitaryan took an exceptional approach to the restoration of this car. However, from the technical point of view, the master did not invent anything new. The chassis is mainly based on steel units taken from various cars produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant GAZ, particularly from such models as the GAZ-24 and Gaz-69.

The engine and transmission are also borrowed from the GAZ-24. Perhaps, in our time, such abundant usage of soviet details in this car would seem unwise, but considering the fact that the restoration took place in 1970-80’s, when it was almost impossible to find original components for foreign cars, it seems the only way to restore the Willys.

Another interesting fact is that this car, in the available documents, is indicated as a product of 1957. The numbers of chassis, body and engine are not entered in the technical passport, however. After years of restoration, the car was on wheels once again and left Karapet Mkhitaryan’s workshop.
In early 2000, this car was a frequent guest at many exhibitions of vintage cars in Yerevan. Now this car is the pride of the Mkhitaryans.