Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Unknown Opel

It may seem strange, but this aggressive hatchback is an Opel Astra. I have a feeling that the “author”, by tuning this car, wanted to convey how an ordinary car can be radically transformed into something totally different; and indeed this Opel is a real sports car for the young.
Let’s start from the external appearance.

Here, the changes are obvious and full of innovative ideas: the front and rear bumpers are replaced with “daring” sport ones, the lower edges of the body, which almost touch the ground, give the car a fighting appearance. Besides, the car has acquired brilliant aerodynamics, which is of paramount importance, since this deeply modified car is no longer an ordinary Opel for the retiree-the less airstream penetrates through the lower part of the body, the stable the car is at high speeds.
The 17 inch light-alloy wheels are the next important part of the external tuning, which sort of finalize the general concept of the car. The wing mirrors are also different from the base version- they emphasize the sports character of the car, without affecting aerodynamics.
One of the logical solutions is the non-standard muffler, which dramatically boosts the engine power.

The only drawback of the exterior is the bumper, which is too low in my opinion- it can be easily damaged, when driving carelessly. However, this defect can probably be attributable to the poor quality of Armenian roads.
Now, let's move on to the interior. Being small in size, the Astra has quite a roomy saloon. The steering wheel is replaced with an airbagged steering wheel by Momo, an Italian design company that produces accessories and parts mainly for sports cars. The aluminum covers of the foot pedals also create a sports atmosphere in the saloon. The new dashboard is harmoniously combined with the new and stylish makeover.
To be continued...

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