Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Reanimated Niva (Part 2)

Unlike the base version, this Niva is equipped with ABS and EPS systems. The factory engine is also deeply modified: the original crankshaft is replaced with sport one, the camshaft was modernized by Aharon Martikyan, one of the leading engine specialists of Soviet Armenia, the exhaust system is smartly replaced with that of Mercedes-Benz ML, etc.

As a result, the engine volume was increased from 1,7L to 2,2L with a capacity of 144HP. This engine is supported by a newly assembled transmission, the gearwheels of which are taken from Chevrolet Niva, the predecessor of VAZ-2121. Thus, we have a quicker and more smoothly functioning 5-speed gear box, which leaves all the disappointments with the factory gear box behind.
But, I must say that all the technical innovations were left in the background, as soon as I got into the saloon.
The inside is trimmed of blue and yellow Dutch and German natural leather, which is no way inferior in the quality of such world famous brands as Volkswagen, Audi and even Mercedes-Benz!
I would especially like to draw your attention to the fact that everything (besides the camshaft) you see on the pictures is made by the hands of the car owner.

He even went to Europe to get an appropriate sewing machine, since no Armenian trimming company was able to satisfy his demands.
The frond seats are replaced with that of BMW 3 series (E36 body type)-rear seats are completely handmade.
The dashboard partly belongs to Chevrolet Niva. The roof is reinforced with special pipes, which avoids useless shivers when driving off-road. The installation of Clarion audio system with total capacity of 1000 watts is worthy of particular praise. And of course, there are CD and DVD players with an LCD screen and TV tuner. Another screen is connected to the parking system.

In conclusion I’d like to add that the owner has already spent more than 4 years and 35.000 US dollars to modernize this unique vehicle; moreover, the works are still in progress… and indeed, improvement is boundless.

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