Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Reanimated Niva

The task of auto tuning companies is not only to strive to modify engines, but also make cars look vivid and unique, because having a tuned car is a manner to stand out against the “gloomy” background of the rest automobiles like a diamond. One of the methods to emphasize the external individuality of a car is the modification or addition of aerodynamic details to the body. 

In Armenia, people basically take care of the external tuning, but there are very few people who love to be unique and different from others, and at the same time, appreciate high comfort  of a tuned car- one such person is Armen, who has literally been reanimating  his Niva for four years.
The story began in 2009, when our hero acquired Lada Niva (VAZ 2121) manufactured in 2004. The car had some minor damages, and so Armen got down to restoration works. But, in the course of time, an ordinary restoration was transformed into hard reanimating works, as a result of which we’ve got one of the most impressive Russian cars tuned in Armenia.

Prima facie, the car had minor external changes, but after a while, I gradually started to notice all details of the deep modification- the Bi-Xenon optics, two footboards handmade of truck triple muffler and 205/70 R16 wheels imply that this is not an ordinary vehicle. During the ride I fully appreciated the handling characteristics of this Niva (base version of Niva is notorious for its awful handling). The car is equipped with sports shock absorbers and springs.

 The back part is modified through additional body stabilizers, which slightly worsens the off-road qualities of the car, but on the other hand it positively affects the smooth running. As a result of all these changes, the car got heavier by only 70kg.
To be continued…

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