Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Megacoaches on World's Highways

Most people love to travel either by air or by rail .
The number of those who prefer coaches is small.Besides,coaches are generally taken in short distances. I believe the reason for this is that only few  people are familiar with the amazing  product of Irisbus Iveco called Magelys.
Not only the employees of Irisbus were involved in the development and exploration of this super coach, but also high-class specialists from different countries:20 tour operators,118 drivers,30 tour guides as well as 520 passengers, who crossed more than 10000 miles through four European countries.
The bus passed a six-month trial period, which had been preceded by four-year intense and focused work at design and experimental laboratories. As a result, more than 23 million euros was spent on developing the coach!
But, as the saying goes, the end justifies the means.
In this case, the results exceeded all expectations!
One of the outstanding features of the coach is its enormous windows, which allow passengers to fully enjoy the beauty of surrounding environment during the ride.
Expressing in per cent, the glazing level of Magelys is 35-65% higher than that of other coaches.
Now, let's find out what it's like inside.
Maximal comfort and technically advanced facilities are the basic requirements for a modern coach,and therefor the specialists of Irisbus Iveco have demonstrated great consistency and serious approach in this respect.

The designers have taken particular care about elderly passengers,by equipping the entrance with special footsteps,which have optimal depth and height;and handles, to make their access easier.
The rest of the passengers will definitely appreciate the large entrance,which allows to get into the  cabin without clumsy movements and walk along spacious corridor.
The ceiling height in the cabin is 2,1 meters,so even tall people don't have to bend when moving along.The hand luggage racks are fixed over the seats,like in aircraft.
It is noticeable  that a lot of effort has gone into making the cabin roomy and comfy.
The interior  color schemes of this 'super traveler'  are also pleasantly interesting.
Dominating grey color that usually surrounds us in coaches is now replaced with sand and red colors.
You have free access to refrigerator, coffee-making machine,microwave oven and, of course, toilets.
Three huge LCD screens of the multimedia systems offers you to ejnoy movies at any time.
You are secured against extremely hot weather with the high-quality air conditioners.
As for individual chairs,they are crammed with all available options for  passengers' comfort.

This 12.2 meter long giant is equipped with 450 horsepower Iveco Cursor 10  engine, which meets Euro 5 emission standards;ZF ASTronic 12AS 2301 automatic gearbox;cruise control system;and bi-xenon headlights.
Taking into account the opinion of many drivers, the constructors have designed a new dashboard and placed it towards the steering.
The luggage compartment has a volume of 10.8×11.7 cm^3!
According to automotive experts,this coach is an ideal option to travel long distances.
Indeed, the specialists of Iveco Irisbus brilliantly accomplished the project of creating a comfortable and beautiful mega-coach, which would turn your ride into an unforgettable and pleasant trip.
Magelys is now being manufactured in a French factory.
It has not pushed out other products of its kind out of the market, it has simply established a new segment in its class and expanded the variety of  big travel vehicles.

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