Saturday, March 29, 2014

A story of one classic car (part1)

The car appeared in Yerevan in 1954, when its owner saw this miracle during his Moscow trip and fell in love with it.
He was determined to acquire the car at any price!
He was even ready to part with his new GAZ 12 ZIM, which he had bought two years earlier.
But, I guess ,I am rushing things...

The young and single Albert Shaghoyan, with his friend, was on his regular Moscow
holidays, when one of his female friends invited him to her place and introduced to his father, Lieutenant-General Mikhailov.
During the conversation the young Armenian started to show off his new GAZ12 ZIM and, in response, the general proudly introduced his new and gorgeous Mercedes, which he had brought from Germany after World War II as a war trophy.
The young man simply went mad on the German hostage!
All thoughts were about how to convince the general to sell the car.
Finally, after a couple of weeks, the general agreed to sell the Mercedes.
The young man came to Yerevan, sold his car and quickly returned to Moscow for his German beauty.
All those efforts were not in vain! This kind and devoted car has already been serving his lord with love and without any despondency for 74 years!

 Manufactured in 1940, Mercedes-Benz's 170 V model was one of the most popular civilian cars of the Wehrmacht.
The concept of this model began the course of life in 1931 at the Paris Auto Show, as the result of spoiled relations between BMW and Daimler-Benz.
At first, the car was known as Mercedes-Benz 170.Although the car was installed with an ordinary six-cylinder engine, it had a technical innovation for that time: the self-contained front and rare suspension.
There was a time, when these two German automotive giants were in strong business ties and had combined shareholders.
Wilhelm Kissel, who was the director of Daimler Group, was at the same time a member of the control board of BMW, and the Director of the latter was a member of the control board of Daimler Group.
But in 1931, at the Paris Motor Show, their close business partnership came to an end, because, never having been involved in developing midget cars, which was almost the prerogative of BMW, Daimler- Benz dared to invade into the business field of the Bavarians and started the manufacture of light engine cars.
As a counterbalance, the Bavarians designed their own similar model, thus causing a keen competition between themselves, which transformed into hostility in the end.
In 1935, the famous Mercedes 170 changes its name to 170V and reduces the number of the cylinders to 4.
This refreshed model was first unveiled in 1936, at the Berlin Motor Show.
The success was so huge that it caused deep concern among rival car makers.
(to be continued)

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