Saturday, March 29, 2014

A story of one classic car (part2)

Contrary to expectations, Daimler Benz AG (that was the name of the company until 1998) offered an inexpensive car with classic design, instead of an unusual avant-garde model.
The Car was equipped with the following three features: a power brakes system, four-speed gearbox with a synchronizer of the last two speeds, and a rear independent suspension.
The model was called 170V (W136). (W136 indicates the body style index of Mercedes Benz)
No wonder that the cars from the middle of the last century are compared with pure-blooded hunting dogs.
And indeed, the car has longish and elegant shapes with noble spirit.
You only need to open one of the big doors to see the whole welcoming cabin, which
Invites you to relax on huge and comfy seats.

An unusual thing is that the digits on the speedometer and other counters of the control panel do not progress from left to right as usual, but from right to left!
The car has no wing mirrors.
You will have to orient yourself only by using the rear-view window which is fixed on the windshield.
The 170V was manufactured until 1942 and during that period the factory produced 86615 cars.
All the factories of Daimler-Benz closed down as World War II broke out.
Only in 1947 the manufacture of cars restarted with 170V (W 136) model, which had already been tested through war.
The post-war production of the 170V reached 89190 units and lasted until 1953.
The car was introduced in different modifications: a two-door convertible, four -door sedan, cab, and an ambulance.

I guess here comes the end of our acquaintance with this wonderful classic car.

The car is almost consigned to oblivion due to the inattention of the automotive history authors and it will never been sold at fantastic prices in auctions, and yet despite all this, the car will never decrease in historic value and rank.
Mercedes-Benz 170V is a true classic car.
We may consider it as old, but not obsolete.

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