Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mercedes-Benz W126 (Part 3)

In 2002, it was purchased by the driver of the Prime Minister’s adviser, who later became an entrepreneur. At that time the mileage of this Mercedes was 40.000 km and it was in perfect condition. Since then, the owner has remained loyal to his car and never attempted to sell it. The car underwent two major renovations: complete body painting in 2003 and engine replacement in 2008. 

Instead of its former 2.8L engine, the car is presently equipped with a stronger 3.2L petrol engine and manual transmission. As before, the car receives proper and timely maintenance. Unlike the majority of car owners in our region, the owner of this Mercedes is gifted with a unique quality: whenever the car is in need of repair, he always gives preference to original parts and accessories, in consequence of which this car has a high percentage of retaining its original condition. Externally it differs only through its wheel rims.