Friday, June 23, 2017

Mercedes-Benz W126 (Part 2)

The W126 is undoubtedly the brightest creation of the Italian and the “visiting card” of the German company for many years ahead.
This particular model has had a very interesting fate. Released in 1982, it was brought to Armenia in 1990. It has a serial number of the chassis 2210068578. The first owner of this Mercedes in Armenia was the Deputy Minister of state security Committee of the Republic.

Having a few official cars, the Deputy Minister preferred to use his personal vehicle only in exceptional cases. Being a great lover of cars, he chose for personal use exactly the same car as the one that served the President of the Republic. It only differed in color; the only black Mercedes-Benz SEL 500 served as the official car of the President. This sample, which was no less popular in the republic, was originally painted in silver blue metallic. The presidential Mercedes was soon refreshed with a brand new W140. However, this W126 remained in possession of the same owner for many years.
To be continued…