Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The First Caucasian Homemade Vehicle (Part 3)

In unfamiliar town parts unequipped for such a parking method, Arshak was using another trick- he was blocking the fuel flow, which was also stalling the engine.
On a flat road, the car was able to accelerate up to 21-22 km/h. The fuel capacity was enough for a few hours. The growing entrepreneurial activity of “Avdo” was not very much pleasant for those whose only source of income was the transportation of passengers. They eventually ran out of patience, when a few months after the successful business launch there started to circulate some rumors that “Avdo” was going to build another car for one of his relatives. There was ripening a family business and then the coachmen decided to annoy their rival. One day, after “Avdo” left for another trip, they simply removed the stone-brake from the square. After a few hours, “Avdo” as always was alerting citizens to his arrival through loud sounds of klaxon. And then a complete surprise- the block which had to serve as a break system had vanished. The “surprise” was so unexpected, that the driver simply did not have time to orient himself, and chaotically spinning the wheel, he eventually crashed into a house near the parking space. There is no mention whose house it was (or to be more exact, to what officer the house belonged). We only know that he had to face a severe punishment. After the arrest, he was sent to prison for a long time, after which there is no information on the fate of the tragic taxi-driver and failed inventor.

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