Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The First Caucasian Homemade Vehicle (Part 2)

The car got its final form in the spring of 1913, when “Avdo” dared to take the first run of his brainchild. The inventor was so much impressed with the ride on the horseless carriage, the roars and rumblings of which could be heard miles away, that he decided to use it for commercial purposes. For a fee, he was eager to transport passengers and goods. As a matter of fact, this vehicle was the first Armenian taxi.
On certain days of the week, mainly in the mornings, the main square of the town was crowded with curious onlookers, who was gathering to not only watch this technological miracle but also push it at the owner’s command, so the engine could start.
By the way, the first Armenian homemade car had two major design flaws, one of which turned to be fatal for its owner. The car did not have a mechanical engine start system (in those days there were not any electric starters at all- cars had to be started by using the so-called magneto or special handles). That is why all gathered and pushed the car.
The second problem was that the car had no brakes!  Now you might be wondering how this car could be stopped then. The answer is so simple- Arshak had put a big cobblestone at the main square of the town, so whenever he was returning from a regular trip, the car was colliding with the granite block and the engine was stalling.
To be continued...

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