Thursday, March 5, 2015

The King of Roads (Part 2)

However, when looking at the huge bonnet hiding behind the horizon, you stop paying attention to the interior and everything else. You are the king of roads! And as a true monarch, you drive smoothly and slowly with a sense of dignity. Everyone will let you pass.

But as soon as you push the gas, you are no longer the king- I wouldn't say that the 300C equipped with a 2.7-liter engine is a slow car. The only thing is that there is less bass in the exhaust sound (of course, the models equipped with more powerful engines growl more terrifyingly). But if this engine was lighter even by 100 grams , it would scream worse than any Hemi- especially the one with the 4-speed automatic gearbox, which, of course, can smoothly switch, but lacks speeds and quickness. So the capacity of 2.7-liters is the minimum acceptable level. 
Our Chrysler shares with Mercedes not only the same parktronic system, but also the platform of the previous E-class, which implies a high level of comfort, isn't it? In theory- Yes, but the Americans reconfigured the chassis to suit their tastes. Of course, in general, it remained supremely comfortable, because the US citizens value comfort no less than Germans. But the huge wheels that look so cool are very heavy and sometimes cause unpleasant vibrations when passing over road seams.

The same is with the steering-wheel- on potholes, it twitches stronger than you'd like. By adding a little more jumps on hard bumps, we already have a complete list of complaints against the chassis collected during the test. As for the rest, everything is OK. Although the 300C is a huge vehicle, it 's easy to handle- the suspension virtually ignores most types of holes and bumps without shaking the car. The car feels very tight, sways moderately on curves without resembling most of its "compatriots".
It's good that the charisma of this car is not confined to appearance. The 300C is not only excellently equipped, but also has a solid chassis. It's true, this Chrysler is not the best offer on the market- but let’s not forget, you pay (about $50.000) not only for a set of options, but also for an opportunity to stand out.

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