Thursday, February 19, 2015

The King of Roads (Part 1)

Chrysler was the king of roads in 1960's, when petrol used to cost a couple of cents per gallon, and every self-respecting granny owned a car with engine capacity of at least 5 liters. And although those days are long gone, the 300C is still cool. The most powerful version of the 300C is the SRT8. Carrying a 435 HP V8 engine, it's in no way inferior to its ancestors.

But (unfortunately) the car in our test is a modest version with a 193HP 2.7L engine and a 4-speed automatic gearbox. Instead, the price of this version might be quite affordable for  some motorists. This car basically challenges big, not overly advanced Japanese sedans and not very expensive representatives of business class.
What can it offer in addition to undeniable charisma?
Our packaging is overage for the 300C. The car has xenon headlights, dual-zone climate control, leather interior, powered steering and seats. Moreover, all this is included in the base version. Extra payment must be made for a sunroof, navigation, heated rear seats, more advanced "Kicker" stereo system with 12 speakers a subwoofer and for an electronically controlled gas pedal.

The ample room available in the interior makes you feel as comfortable as in your living-room. You can choose any kind of sitting position behind the wheel, especially if you've paid extra for the electronically controlled gas pedal. No matter if it's a dwarf or the Hulk- both of them will  feel equally comfortable. And although the steering wheel is obviously too big, it doesn't embarrass at all. Quite the contrary; this huge wheel reinforces the impression of driving a huge road cruiser. The field of view from the soft “captain chairs”  through the small windscreen, which emphasizes the brutal appearance of the 300C, leaves much to be desired. It really annoys, when parking the car. The good news is that the car has a parktronic system which, by the way, is the same as on the E-Class Mercedes. In general, I couldn't find anything in the interior to carp about. The trimming is also nice- it won't get to the level of Mercedes, but the 300C was never meant to.

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