Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Skoda Superb (Part 2)

In spite of the fact that the base of the ‘Superb’ is shorter by a couple of centimeters than that of the previous model, it’s still quite spacious inside the car, and this is partly due to the transverse replacement of the engine. If you've ever driven a VW, you won’t have to get used to Skoda.

There are plenty of knobs and buttons, the locations of which are more than predictable- the ergonomics allows to guess everything intuitively. The panel is simple and unobtrusive- it has nothing to surprise the passengers, which I think is for good.
The wheel and gearshift are wrapped with leather. If you want everything else to be covered with leather, you’ll have to pay extra. But even without leather, the interior looks expensive and presentable- there is no hint of cheap Chinese plastic.

The power train is supported by 6-speed DSG gearbox (with twin-clutch plates), which pleasantly surprised me- it works amazingly fast. The 1.5-ton Sedan with DSG gearbox manages to accelerate 0-100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, while the one with manual gearbox does it in 8.6 seconds.
The mode “D” was more than comfortable, but I preferred to drive on the “S”- it wasn't a true sports mode- the behavior of the car becomes slightly sharper.
Someone might think that a 1.8-liter engine is too small for a business sedan- but no, the engine, indeed, demonstrated good dynamics.

The fuel consumption is less than 13 liters in the city. When I took the car, it had a full tank- I drove almost 500 kilometers for two days and there was still plenty of fuel left in the tank.
It’s great pleasure to ride in this car- the excellent sound insulation saves the passengers from the roar of the engine and aerodynamic howls. Both at high and low speeds, all the road junctions and roughness are ignored; the suspension is capable of coping with even bigger road holes and bumps, so that the passengers may only guess that there was something, but nothing special.
"Skoda Superb" is not created for young people- it would be more suitable for those who once got attached to affordable "Octavias" and "Felicias", but has since grown in age and status. But in spite of the fact that I was still fresh and young, I enjoyed driving the “superb” very much.

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