Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Skoda Superb (Part 1)

I managed to get a wonderful car for a couple of days- the Skoda Superb of second generation. Not long ago, I spent a whole day riding in it as, and I loved it very much. The car belonged to a friend of mine and I decided not to miss the opportunity to put it to the test.

In Armenia, this car is available in three versions- two of them (manual and automatic) have a 1.8-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 152 HP, and the third is equipped with 2-liter 140 HP diesel engine with automatic gearbox.  All these engines are turbocharged and are called TDI (Turbo Diesel Injection) and TSI (Turbo Stratified Injection)- everything like in blood brother VW. Each of the models is available in three versions-Comfort, Ambition and Elegance. Perhaps, I got the most interesting model, the 152HP-Elegance with a robotized DSG gearbox. I am not a connoisseur of automotive design and, without going into the prehistory of this model, I will say that Skoda Superb is something quite different from what the company manufactured before.  The car has a unique design and recognizable image. The unusual shape of the headlights and massive black grille give the car aggressive appearance, which is emphasized by the bonnet relief. 
The side view is not so interesting- there is nothing special to attract somebody’s attention- simple and with taste. But… if you take a good look, the elongated roof shapes stretching down to the rear rack start to remind you of Bentley Continental Flying Spur. The designers of Skoda seem to have inspired in the right place.

The back appearance is less expressive- could be done better. But in general, it’s pretty, I like it.
The "Superb" is simply huge- throughout the whole test drive, I was trying to get used to the dimensions of the car, but I couldn't- only after the third attempt I managed to make a parallel parking in the yard. The Parktronic system (in my case, it was only on the back) wasn't much help. As for ‘Parking Assistant’, I wouldn't have trusted it, even if there had been any.
To be continued...