Thursday, June 7, 2018

Joost Marijke Toyota Hilux (Part 2)

For special purposes, the car was converted by equipping it with an expedition cabin ExKab 4S of German production. In fact, it is an armored capsule size 3100 by 1815 mm, with a portable power supply and all the essentials for living in the most extreme conditions.

Among the exterior changes is the front bumper, which was equipped with special metal construction with bull bars and built-in ARB winch. The car also received additional safari snorkel and special BFGoodrich all-Terrain T/a tires size LT 235/85R16 120/116S. The chassis design has additional protection of the fuel tank, as well as insulation of the front row of seats from rear passengers.

Throughout the journey, the car had no serious damage and was serviced according to factory regulations. In Armenia, there was a need to visit the official dealer, where, during a regular inspection of the technical condition, some minor defects were found. As a result of intensive operation, one of the ball bearings in the front suspension failed.

The defect was quickly corrected. The specialists also carried out lubrication of all aggregates and units of the chassis. The next day, in a fighting condition, the Hilux went on with travel across Armenia.

We were glad to meet the wonderful Dutch couple and wish them lots of new and interesting adventures.