Tuesday, March 20, 2018

About Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (Part 2)

Among other design features it is worth noting the non-standard arrangement of additional passenger seats. The car has two rows of standard seats and additional two 2-seater folding seats, located opposite each other in the luggage compartment. In the standard version, the ground clearance of LC200 is 225 mm.

By replacing the original tyres and 245/75 R17-size steel stamped wheels with Mickey Thompson BAJA ATZ Radial Plus-SIZE lt285/70 R17-size off-road tyres, they increased the clearance of the vehicle by 31 mm, which positively affected both the handling of the car in off-road conditions and the suspension behavior in normal road conditions.

The exterior of this car is also in its way unique and has some differences from the standard, more richly equipped and widespread versions. On the rear pillars of the body you can see a signboard "60th Anniversary", which indicates the fact that the car was released in the anniversary year 2011 for Land Cruiser. This car is devoid of chrome exterior elements. The moldings around the side windows, exterior mirrors and door handles are glossy black. The one on the rear door and the edging of the radiator grille are painted in the body color.

The front of the car is equipped with an electric winch, the auxiliary function of which does not need a detailed description, in my opinion. Like all Land Cruiser 200s, this car also has a common design basis, which includes permanent four-wheel drive, a transfer box and rear axle with manual differential lock.

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