Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lexus LX470 (Part 1)

This time I decided to tell you about a car the identification of which I still cannot make out.
May be my subscribers will be able to help me?
At the beginning of 2000’s, in Armenia, the use of Japanese cars began to spread quite rapidly. Among the variety of all those Japanese makes, the undisputed leader in sales, both on so-called primary (in those times there was no official dealers in the country) and secondary markets, was Toyota Motors Co. 

Based on local road conditions, the quality of soil covering and other geographical specifics, the demand of such vehicles as the Toyota Land Cruiser 80, 100, or Land cruiser Prado 120 was particularly high. Quite often, one could see the premium version of the above mentioned models, the Lexus GX470 and more luxurious LX470.  The latter, together with unprecedented off-road capabilities, in standard version, was offered with a wide range of support functions. However, there was one single black Lexus LX470, which was obviously standing out against the background of all those vehicles throughout the city. At first glance, nothing special about it, but a closer look reveals the nameplates of the company Brabus. The car was brought to Yerevan in 2002, and along with its appearance, there came many theories about the origins of this mysterious black beast. It is known that the Brabus aftermarket tuning company has long been specializing in Mercedes-Benz (also later in Smart, Maybach and Tesla) vehicles and there couldn’t have been any connection between the Lexus and Brabus.
To be continued...

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