Monday, January 26, 2015

Subaru Impreza (Part 2)

The 211HP turbo-engine performs miracles!
All the systems and components of this car were specially chosen to fit the engine, which is a half-aviation engine with low compression and a high-pressure turbine. The accurate and light transmission with short strokes of lever, and of course, the perfectly chosen gear ratios provide an instant and precise gear selection. Thanks to the permanent four-wheel drive and independent suspension, there is no chance that the car will go into a skid. The car admirably demonstrated real qualities of stability and reliability on the road at any speed. All the maneuvers were performed with ease, as if a smooth step aside.

The controllability of this car can’t cause anything but admiration. The steering is accurate and sensitive. The “Impreza” is distinguishable for probably one of the most correct power steering- it just helps the driver not to lose his close contact, for even a second, with the road. All this together creates that wonderful merging effect, thanks to which the “Impreza” becomes an organic part and continuation of human body.
It’s quite natural that the systems of passive and active safety are adequate to the abilities of this car. The brakes provide an effective deceleration at any speed- the ABS system intervenes only in case of real need. The two air bags and intensified power elements of the body are ready to shield the passengers giving them a maximal protection.

To the credit of the creators of the civil version of the “Impreza”, it must be said, that they managed to achieve a truly unique combination of, at first glance, incompatible qualities. This car is capable of delivering true pleasure to the connoisseurs of aggressive driving. Moreover, in some cases, the good-sized salon and the specious trunk allow it to act like a family sedan.
The primary thing in the”Impreza” is the process of handling, and only it provides the highest pleasure. You only once need to hear that exciting symphony of the soft engine roar, turbine howl and the rustling tires on asphalt, and your heart will be conquered once and for all.