Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Ghost-Car (Cadillac Eldorado) Part 1

It’s still unbelievable how in a tiny capital of a little country as ours, where almost all people know each other in person, unique cars can not only suddenly appear but also vanish without trace from it.

By using the phrase “unique cars”, we primarily think of classic cars, which couldn’t be widely spread in Armenia just because of geographical reasons. I guess the brightest representatives of this category are all the cars of American origin. No matter whether it was a luxury Cadillac or Lincoln, a unique Buick or Pontiac, a gorgeous Chevrolet or Oldsmobile, all these cars were considered as disgusting legacy of the malicious capitalistic regime, and the rare holders of such cars were constantly under the close surveillance of KGB. For those reasons, it was almost impossible to see a foreign car on public roads during the Soviet period.
It was rumored that in the early 60’s there was an airport employee named Spartak , who had the courage to drive his Cadillac in the soviet Yerevan. As far as I know, no mere mortal could get a job at soviet airports, and our hero was among those few special ones. The black Cadillac obviously stood out on the background of endless stream of indistinguishable soviet cars, thus attracting the attention of countless envious people.
But times have changed and what was once considered as a “forbidden fruit”, now, depending on your financial capabilities, is quite accessible without the fear of political repression.  But, unfortunately, the trouble is that no material thing lasts forever, as well as our hero with his gorgeous vehicle.

To be continued...

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