Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maximal Extreme in a Minimal Size

Never try to compare the Mini with, let's say, Fiat Punto or Daewoo Matiz, because, in spite of its size, this car is capable of astonishing you with some features that are only characteristic of real super cars. For instance, can you remind of any car of this class which would be equipped with multilink independent rear suspension? Don't even try-there is none.
The front axle is built on the McPherson suspension strut principle. Of course, the Mini has ABS and CBC (Cornering Brake control) electronic systems. Besides, there is a range of brand ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems. Optionally, you will be offered 16- or even 17-inch wheels. The latter are set under the car which I am going to test.
Under the bonnet there is a "power installation" called Pentagon, which is the joint development of BMW and Chrysler. Interesting is that these engines are manufactured in far Brazil, whereas the car is produced in the UK, in Oxford. It's not a secret that since 1994, the Mini has belonged to BMW group. Although the BMW has been producing mainly rear-wheel-drive cars, the "my" Mini is equipped with front-wheel drive, the advantages and disadvantages of which I I'll try to figure out during the test drive.

Prima facie, the car reminds of a toy, and as I saw it, the first question that crossed my mind was if a tall passenger could squeeze into the car. At nearly right angle opening long doors allow front passengers to easily get in and feel quite comfortable in the inside. As for back passengers, I’d rather refrain from making any comments in order not to mar my overall positive impressions of the car. Neither can you make much use of the dummy trunk, the volume of which, without folding down the rear seat back, is only 150L.

I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the beautifully trimmed interior-in terms of ergonomics, I have nothing but praise for the Mini. The only thing that aroused my criticism is the wing mirror-it's too small and almost useless.

The round tachometer is situated immediately in front of the driver seat; the huge "scale plate" of the speedometer is placed just above the central console, thus enabling back passengers to witness the impressive performance and outstanding dynamics of the car.

To be continued…

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